The whole thing required to know regarding Huttonsville Correctional Center

HCC is an abbreviation of the Huttonsville Correctional Center, a great safety state jail situated in West Virginia, Huttonsville, and Randolph County. Meanwhile, it houses adult prisoners above 18 age who have been imprisoned for their wrongdoings, which come underneath state law of West Virginia. A considerable part of the prisoner’s serving time in this prison is destined for the period of over an era and is preordained for the crime, which is never flippant. The prison is functioned and maintained by state jail. This article has provided data regarding HCC (Huttonsville Correctional Center) below that comprising prisoner search, visiting hours, and huttonsville correctional center mugshots in brief.

Visitation hours at Huttonsville Correctional Center


Visitation at HCC (Huttonsville Correctional Center) is run from 8 AM to 3.30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Processing of guests exactly finished at 2.30 PM, suppose you reach afterward this time, you will not be allowed to visit. On the other hand, entire guests should have a proper visitor application on the folder beforehand; they can appear a visiting period.

Inmate Search 

You can use the jail locator service to hunt prisoners in the HCC (Huttonsville Correctional Center). Imprisonment is highly complicated for kinfolks & mates and prisoners, primarily when it emanates to keeping in touch. Generally, defendants are shifted from a single site to another site, which is late refreshed in the culprit catalog of HCC (Huttonsville Correctional Center) service. In the meantime, families can also hunt for their prisoner by going on HCC (Huttonsville Correctional Center) websites. However, you will significantly require your prisoner IDs or huttonsville correctional center mugshots, which is given to them while they are allotted a specific service. All data regarding a prisoner gets updated in the catalog consisting of their incarnation information and release date & day. On the other hand, please notice the database only consist of presently imprisoned prisoners. So, kindly register to know the complete information of your prisoner.