Missouri Inmate Search

Missouri is one of the states found in the Midwestern parts of the US. It is one of the more populated states in the US, carrying around six million people. The state is classified as the twenty-first most expansive state in the US, bordering Iowa to the north, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee to the east, Arkansas to the south, and Oklahoma, Kansas Nebraska to the west.

Being such an expansive state carrying so many people, the state also has several correctional institutions that ran up all the way from adult prisons, probation and parole facilities, and community supervision centers. The state also has several city jails and county jails.

City jails are mainly run and operated by police departments, while the sheriff’s office runs county jails. There are several juvenile detention centers in several counties, while the merger counties mostly have correctional divisions meant to manage jail facilities for local law enforcement.

Inmate Records of Missouri

All Missourians incarcerated in any correctional facilities with Missouri have documentation stored with the state and form the state’s database for an inmate search. Prisons and jails will keep all administrative inmate records, which they avail online for the public federal inmate search.

Some of these administrative records include the inmate names, gender, age, race, and booking photos.

They also describe the inmate’s incarceration transfer and release from prison.

Finding a Prisoner in a Missouri Prison or Jail

Each correctional facility has a right to create their own policies. This means not all of them will have websites and online databases. However, each will always have an updated list of inmates within their institution.

For federal facilities, there is the option of going online and logging in to the federal bureau of inmate’s website, where you can search for an inmate incarcerated at any federal facility since 1982. Since the dataset already has records on inmates, all you will need to do is match the information and get the inmate’s location.

This means to search for an inmate; you will require a couple of details to narrow down the search. The more the detail you have on the inmate, the easier it will be to find them. Some of this information includes age, race, gender, or the sex of the inmate.

Apart from federal facilities, other facilities may or may not have online databases. This means dependent on each facility, you will have to find out whether they have their own updated list of inmates. If they do, it will be easier for you; however, if not, there is still another option to help you find the inmate.

Each state has a statewide inmate search database, which may come in handy. To access this, all you will need to do is log on to the website, armed with inmate details, and perform a search.

Conversely, you also have the option of making a phone call or making a physical trip to a facility you believe is housing an inmate of interest to you. You will have to call the security personnel and have them help you search for the inmate. You should expect some questions to help make it easier for the security personnel to search for the inmate.

There are, however, detention centers and facilities where inmates don’t get to stay for a long time and are there on a transitional basis, as they await arraignment or sentencing.

These facilities will allow the inmate a phone call after booking, to help their families and loved ones to know where they are. However, in these situations, until the inmate has been transferred from the detention facility, will they have a chance at any communication with the outside world.

Contact an Inmate in Missouri

This may seem farfetched; however, a mail may be another way of carrying out an inmate search, if all other methods bear no fruit. Most facilities will allow inmates to send and receive mail, apart from the transitional facility, where inmates spend only a couple of hours.

If you decide to send mail to a facility you believe an inmate is being held and have their details written on the mail right, there is a chance to get some inmate correspondence. This would be a sure way of finding out whether the inmate is in the suspected facility.

Apart from the mail, most Missouri facilities also have allowed their inmates to be contacted via email.

The Missouri Department of Corrections allows inmates to send and receive messages and photos through email. For this to happen, you will need a JPay account; however, you can send the inmate an email to wherever you think he is being housed and wait for a reply if you have it.

As long as inmates are housed somewhere in Missouri, the State has a couple of ways it has set up to ensure it helps the public find their loved ones if they are housed in any of the correctional facilities. Given the options mentioned above, finding your inmate in a Missouri jail is going to be easier.