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49th Janów Podlaski Auction & Summer Sale
Arabians of the State Studs
12 - 13th of August 2018


The "Summer Arabian Horse Sale 2018" has ended. Detailed results of both auctions

Prosaria, the highest price of the Summer Arabian Horse Sale 2018, photo by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

On Monday, August 13th, at Janów Podlaski the "Summer Arabian Horse Sale 2018" was held, during which 20 horses were offered – 19 mares and one stallion – from the studs of Janów Podlaski, Michałów, Białka and Dąbrówka Arabians.

Auctioneer Marek Grzybowski, photo by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The auctioneer was Marek Grzybowski. 11 horses were sold for a total amount of 233,000 euro. The highest price was offered for Michałów's Prosaria – 35,000 euro. Therefore the overall result of both auctions, Pride of Poland – 49th Janów Podlaski Auction and the Summer Sale, is 734,000 euro net and 17 sold horses.

The director of the auction, Maciej Paweł Grzechnik, summed it up: "We are rather pleased with the final result, though it could always be a bit better. However both the situation on Arabian horse markets worldwide, as well as the constant attempts of torpedoing the Janów Sale, do not help in achieving success. That's why we are happy that as many as 17 horses found buyers. I want to stress that the weight of the auction was placed solely on the shoulders of the three state studs, also in terms of finances. We have greatly limited costs in comparison to past editions.

Polka, photo by Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Below is the list of sold horses, their prices and the country of the buyer:

Pride of Poland – 49th Janów Podlaski Auction

Lot 1. Foggita – 56000 euro – Poland
Lot 3. Pilarosa – 133000 euro – Czech Republic
Lot 5. Perika – 15000 euro – Israel 
Lot 6. Parmana – 180000 euro – Israel
Lot 8. Esima – 65000 euro – Saudi Arabia
Lot 12. Elbera – 52000 euro – Belgium

Summer Arabian Horse Sale 2018

Lot S/1. Prosaria – 35000 euro – UAE 
Lot S/2. Polka – 31000 euro – Romania 
Lot S/5. Elfontana – 11000 euro – UAE
Lot S/6. Elawira – 32000 euro – Belgium
Lot S/11. Anawa – 23000 euro – Saudi Arabia
Lot S/13. Wieża Nimf – 22000 euro – Poland
Lot S/15. Cenobia – 15000 euro – Poland
Lot S/17. Parimala – 11000 euro – Mongolia 
Lot S/18. Binduga – 21000 euro – no information (purchased by agent)
Lot S/19. Perla – 21000 euro – Mongolia 
Lot S/20. Milian – 11000 euro – Mongolia 
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