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49th Janów Podlaski Auction & Summer Sale
Arabians of the State Studs
12 - 13th of August 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Auction Gala, photo by Dominik Dziecinny

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to greatly thank all those that participated in the organization and helped with this year's auction at Janów Podlaski. 

First of all the staff of Michałów Stud, who devoted their time and health to this event. Many ideas for this unique event will forever be remembered - they are the result of the creative work of a breeder from Michałów, for which I publicly want to thank. The breathtaking setting of the auction arena was the technical work of a great company, who "did their thing" in a professional manner and for much less than their predecessors. Mikołaj, thank you. I also want to thank the performers of the equine shows that made the Open Day at Janów special, including the Cavalry Squadron of the Polish Army, the knights and all grooms and helpers without whom nothing would have been as good. Mariusz, there were problems, but you managed. I also feel the need to apologize to our stars, that the group Tulia already are, for the problems that they met for having the courage to sing. Please, sing always and anywhere, and evil will not touch you. Thank you for your great performance.

I thank the Equine Theatre for their extraordinary performance at the Auction Gala, when they transferred us to a land of beauty and dreams. Katarzyna, the world saw and admired. Also a huge thanks to all girls and boys from the folk group. As part of the auction we held a charity bidding and people with a huge heart bought a black pinto Shetland pony named Ursus. I thank you on behalf of the family from Janów Podlaski that suffered in a fire, who will receive the bid amount. For support during the auction I want to thank the vital Brian from Cracow, the sound and lightning team and Norbi - you rocked! We also had several good hearted sponsors that helped us financially and I hope that their presence in such an important place and time for Polish Arabians will translate to their brands gaining an even stronger position on the market. And finally we wish to thank the Clients, who purchased horses at the Janów sale - all those, who despite threats and pressure entrusted us and can now enjoy wonderful Polish Arabian horses.

An unfortunate decision of officials to separate the auction and National Show and  bringing the latter to Warsaw caused huge organizational problems. For the first time in the auction's history, after such companies as Animex, Polish Prestige, Polturf and then Poznań International Fair (in the often cited by the media year 2015 the organizer made an income of 1,5 million PLN on commission alone), the three state studs, due to a lack of anyone willing to do it, stood together to organize the auction and save the event. Without huge money from outside, without support from the owner (National Support Centre for Agriculture and Ministry of Agriculture), we did the impossible. Despite an unprecedented hate from the media - a huge thank you to the press office - and campaign against people associated with this event, we brought this project to a happy end. No one can take away our joy from our work and the result.

For this reason to all those mentioned above and all those that I have omitted - I want to once again say "thank you".

Dr. Maciej Paweł Grzechnik
President of Michałów State Stud and Director of the Auction

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