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49th Janów Podlaski Auction & Summer Sale
Arabians of the State Studs
12 - 13th of August 2018


The Polish facsimile premiere of the famous work of Emir Rzewuski in Janów Podlaski!

On August 12th guests invited for the Auction in Janów Podlaski will witness the Polish premiere of the facsimile of Count Wacław Emir Rzewuski's manuscript titled "Sur les Chevaux Orientaux et Provenants des Races Orientales". The Polish State Studs – Janów Podlaski, Michałów and Białka – are patrons of this unique event. An academic copy of the most beautiful of the manuscript's three volumes has been published by Dom Emisyjny Manuscriptum in a jewelled covered, adorned with gems and gold.

Rzewuski's work belongs to the most valuable monuments of Polish literature. By describing the Arabic culture – never before or after presented in such detail in regard to Arabian horse history – "the Gold Bearded Emir" brought fame not only to Poland, but also to the world of the Arabian Peninsula. The manuscript, published in a limited edition of 200 copies, was a sensation at the 28th International Book Fair in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in April, where its pre-premiere showing took place. The manuscript consists of 352 pages and includes 65 of the count's sketches and more than 100 other illustrations and maps, as well as descriptions of Bedouin tribes of Syria and Arabia. More than 400 colour drawings have been – and still are – an excellent source of researching that culture.

In 1817 count Rzewuski set off for horses to Arabia. He soon became one of the most prominent travellers of his time. Participation in fights against the Turks, a knowledge of horses and local languages brought him recognition and the friendship of 13 Bedouin tribes. He was the first European who traversed the vast and unknown Nejd desert in Saudi Arabia. From the desert he brought stallions and mares for the Royal Württemberg Stud, for tsar Alexander I of Russia, the national French stud in Pau and to his own estate – Sawrań in Podolia. The romantic figure of the Emir inspired Juliusz Słowacki ("Elegy for Wacław Rzewuski"), Adam Mickiewicz ("Furusiyya") and Wincenty Pol ("The Gold-Bearded Hetman"). He appeared on the paintings of January Suchodolski and Juliusz Kossak. The incredible work titled "Sur les Chevaux Orientaux et Provenants des Races Orientales" is till this day regarded as a priceless compendium of knowledge about the culture and ancient customs of the Arabs, as well as the art of Arabian horse breeding.

The presentation of Emir Rzewuski's work is a great attraction for enthusiasts of Arabian horses and Arabic culture.


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